Received the partners of the diptychs Lee Ann Petropolis and I have been working on.

Here’s what LA had to say about it:  “As I looked at it, I thought of leaves being blown off a tree during a summer storm (since they aren’t colored the way autumn leaves would be). So I felt that what it deserved was a piece to go on the left which added to that impression.”

It’s titled “Tut, Tut, Looks like Rain”. About the materials, she says,”I constructed this of marble, vitreous, ceramic “nano tiles” and polymer clay sculpted leaves. The nano tiles are in the tree, and are 5mm square, or for the metrically challenged among us, approximately 3/16”. And I was insane enough to cut some of them.” (from her blog,  Art by Lee Ann Petropolis)

And here they are together. What shall I title my half?



Ok, here’s my response to “Room with a View”. I’m calling this “Passage to India”. It’s all encaustic with some graphite drawing underneath the wax.






And together: