40 artists! 20 who work with encaustic, 20 who work in mosaic. We each start work on one 12″ x 18″ panel of a diptych in our own medium. Last month we met our assigned partner and swapped diptychs. I will complete the second panel in response to my partner’s work and she will complete the second panel of my diptych.

I let my fancy wander and riffed on the different attributes of glass and wax. Decided that the theme of my diptych would be just that–wax is soft and glass is hard and what will happen when the two meet up?

I decided to blur the boundaries. I glued pieces of glass to my substrate, and made some ’tiles’ out of wax. Plants and leaves and things botancial are the main focus in my work these days, so I cast some leaves with wax in modelling clay molds.

I’m partnered with Lee Ann Petropoulis. She brought me a horizontal panel called “Room with a View”, a beautiful little landscape/seascape with just about everything in it, setting (or rising?) sun on the water, tulips, trees, clouds.

It’s so complete on its own, it will be a challenge to find a fitting response. I’m leaning toward focusing on the differences and similarities in wax and glass again. Can’t seem to let it go. Wax flows easily, and you wouldn’t think that glass will, but Lee Ann gets it to flow.

So, stay tuned. Updates to follow….