Make the most of Your Hot Surface with Encaustic 


Encaustic Monotype Plus!


I am so happy to announce another online class for this summer. We will be exploring encaustic monotypes—that’s lifting a singular impression from molten encaustic paint on a warm surface onto paper.


In this class you will:


  • Learn the basics of Encaustic Monotype.
  • Explore what’s been done by contemporary artists.
  • Dive deeper by applying traditional printmaking techniques such as overprinting and registration.
  • Discover ways to incorporate stencils, masks, or even botanical materials.
  • Take a leap and learn how to paint and draw with wax on a warm surface in the Painting segment.
  • Use your drawing and mark-making tools for embellishments and details on your wax pieces.
  • Learn how to use your prints in layers, for collage, and as three-dimensional sculptural components.
  • Finally, we’ll cover display options, troubleshooting, and care and handling tips artists have found for both your HotBox, and your finished pieces.

To accompany  the Zoom Class, I’ll be giving an artist talk online on August3, 2020 at 7pm ET. In Encaustic Monotypes: Art and Artists we’ll take a look at contemporary artists and what they have done with the concept of making unique prints with encaustic. I have found almost 20 artist making monotypes in unique ways or using the monotypes as materials for other work.

This is a free talk offered by C2C Art Projects. You can get the Zoom link by signing up for the C2C newsletter. 

C2C Art Projects was formed by friends and colleagues Lisa Pressman and Sue Stover. This new platform offers courses, coaching, and the ‘Collective’– an online resource for artists. It includes forums for discussion, art shares, libraries for podcasts, books, events, artist videos, artist interviews, critical writing, and studio visit reports. There is a library for Fundamentals and Techniques, I haven’t seen anything comparable on the internet for the value. I am honored and delighted to have joined the team as an Associate Instructor.