If you live near Falmouth, Massachusetts, here’s a chance for an in-person workshop in Encaustic Painting, from the beginning. Get a hands-on experience of working with molten, pigmented beeswax to create layered paintings. Encaustic painting can be translucent, opaque, textured, silky smooth, embed paper, fabric, objects, and never cease to amaze you. Work with the heat to make the colors swirl, or swim. Carve into the wax and add color to your carving. Scrape away layers to reveal colors from below.

The workshop will be on October 3, 2021, from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Get details and enroll here: https://highfieldhallandgardens.org/event/an-encaustics-workshop-learn-how-to-paint-with-beeswax-color/

You can see how versatile the medium is by checking out the exhibition currently on view at Highfield Hall and Gardens. My three friends and colleagues, Pat Gerkin, Donna Hamil Talman, Charyl Weissbach, and I have displayed more than a hundred different examples of using beeswax and pigment in making our art. SEAChange: Meditations in Sustainability features 107 works from monoprints to sculpture,  which you can see on the first and second floors of Highfield Hall. The four of us exhibit as a collective, exploring ways to use our vocation as artists to further effect change, especially as to climate, oceans, habitat, and our relationship to the other living beings on our beautiful planet.

Then, at 1 p.m. Charyl Weissbach will lead an in-depth tour discussing our work ion the exhibition. She will focus on selected works chosen by each of us. Join the tour and learn how we addresse conservation and environmental concerns.  There will be an opportunity for questions and answers during this gathering on the second floor. Details and Sign up are here:  https://highfieldhallandgardens.org/event/an-artists-perspective-a-tour-through-seachange/