I am pleased and honored to announce that my teaching connection with R & F Paints in Kingston, New York, has been made official. They have included me in the Tier Artist roster, along with Lorraine Glessner in PennsylvaniaShelley Jean in FloridaSara Post in California, and Kelly Williams in Oregon. These are all top line artists. We all love using and sharing the fabulous encaustic paints and Pigment Sticks. Check out their websites and look at their wonderful work.

I have been using R & F products since they presented at the Joanne Mattera’s International Encaustic Conference in Beverly, Mass., in 2007. I attended at least four workshops at the factory in Kingston, including a five-day Teacher Training Workshop with Cynthia Winika and Laura Moriarty. I have always found everyone at the company generous with information and willing to answer all questions about their encaustic paints (the best) and Pigment Sticks.

They are also generous with their support for artist/teachers, donating paint and medium for many classes and workshops, including many of the ones I offer. I’m always delighted to point new students to their highest quality materials. 

Check out the mother lode of information and resources at their website:  https://www.rfpaints.com/

You can read their latest post, (about us!) on their blog, Unique Color


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