I’ve scheduled a new workshop on the Zoom platform with a slightly new format. Painting and Drawing and Everything in Between will run Fridays, beginning December 11, 2020. The three-hour class will be interactive with discussion, a demo, work time, ending with a work-share and discussion. It will be an ongoing studio workshop, meeting every Friday from 10:00 a.m. EST and 1:00 p.m. EST. Anyone interested can sign up for a single workshop for $50 or purchase a 5-session series for $125. The five sessions can be used any five (5) Fridays. They needn’t be consecutive. 

Th focus will be on using oil paint, R&F Blending Medium or cold wax medium, graphic marking materials, and various collage materials. Student can work on paper, panels, or paper mounted to panels. We’ll explore my favorite way of working–by alternating painting and drawing, and combining mixed media to create complex, rich, and satisfying compositions. 


Claffey, Debra_Slate and Cream_encaustic, oilwax, shellac, monotype on panel_12 x 12_2020_ 202021

Cold Wax Medium (Dorland’s, Gamblin, or brand of your choice)
R&F Blending Medium
Good quality oil paints, 3 or 5 colors, (I’ll be using Williamsburg Paints)
Gamblin’s Gamsol odorless mineral spirits (or solvent of your choice)
Arches Oil paper any size (or any quality art paper)
Masking tape

pastry bowl scraper 
favorite scrapers
Catalyst tools or silicone color shapers
palette knives (1 for the Medium, one for each color mixed)
block printing brayers

Optional materials:
photo reprints to transfer/embed
fabrics like lace or netting
tissue paper to embed
onion bags or textures
papers to collage
foils or transfer paper
stamps or pattern rollers
Plywood panels
Cradled birch panels
Encaustic paintings or drawings on panels