first two layers on Rives BFK

A few posts back I started to write a bit about demonstrating painting processes. The main item of interest seems to be the layering of painting and drawing. So I bring pieces in various stages of completion to show how the next layer in a series of layers might go down. When I’m prepping for the demo, Julia Child keeps coming to mind, pulling the fully roasted chicken out of the oven immediately.

This piece has a first layer of graphite drawing, a layer of encaustic painting, a layer of oil and wax paint, and a layer of graphite drawing, in that order. I’ll continue with the painting, drawing, wiping, carving, and rolling until at some point the piece says”I’m interesting, please stop!”

So, right now, this is encaustic, oil, graphite on Rives BFK, 24 x 24 inches.