Fellow WCA/NH member artist, Carole Groenke, has been working hard organizing an exhibition that will be at the NH Technical Institute in Concord, NH during the month of March 2018. it will focus on work our members have made on the theme of future clean and available water. I’ve put together this piece since I believe clean, unpolluted water is once again a serious issue here in this country as well as all over the world. 

I thought it would vital to also remark on how the plants in the world, who have been on the planet millions of years longer than humans help to maintain water quality. Water lilies are one of those plants that literally clean the water, providing oxygen to the atmosphere as well.

“Clear Water”– A bit of a departure, a piece about clean and available water all over the world

So here are water lilies in a monotype, under layers of encaustic “water”. The piece is 26 x 19 inches. The title comes from a song called Cool Clear Water, an old cowboy classic by Bob Nolan that was covered by Joni Mitchell with Willie Nelson, on the 1988 Chalk Mark in A Rain Storm