When I was in my teens my family would make our annual Easter trip to Provincetown and Truro on Cape Cod.  Then came moving away from home, college (and quitting college) and making my way to Boston and setting up my studio. So, there have been many, many years without Cape visits. The 8th International Encaustic Conference, founded by Joanne Mattera, has brought Provincetown and Cape Cod back into my life as a favorite trek. I’ll be at the 8th Conference soon, spending four marvelous days in Provincetown and Truro. I can’t wait.

I’m trying to be ready this time. I’ve had postcards printed up as artist calling cards, painted an 8×8″ panel for our Sunday night Art Swap, picked out the newest and best work to bring for the Hotel Fair, and am scrambling to finish my postcard donations for the Going Postal fundraiser. Whew!


Leaves and Green, Encaustic, oil, metal transfer on paper on panel, 12″ x 12″, ©2014

That’s what I’m bringing.  I’ll probably come back with lots of supplies from the Vendor Room, where Evans Encaustics, R & F Paints, Miles Conrad Encaustics, Kama Pigments, many other old friends will have their excellent quality goodies for sale.

I’ve printed out my roster. Cherie Mittenthal, the executive Director, and the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill staff, make the three days of lectures and demos a breeze to attend.  Can’t stay this year for the Post-Conference workshops that take place at Castle Hill and that’s a pity. Maybe next year. I’m also looking forward to all the exhibitions in Provincetown that are associated with the Conference. They are always amazingly diverse and fascinating and  high quality.

But the best part of the Conference, always, is seeing friends and colleagues from all over the country and abroad who share my passion for art once again, sharing dinner, walks, and sitting on the dock, feet in the water.

8th International Encaustic Conference, Joanne Mattera, Founder

8th International Encaustic Conference, Joanne Mattera, Founder