I was happy to go to Kingston, NY in November 2012, for a three-day workshop with Alexandre Masino, called Advanced Painting and Monotype. The workshop coincided with his solo exhibition, Geological Radiance, which will be on view until January 19, 2013 at 84 Ten Broeck Avenue.

One of Alexandre’s works in the R and F Gallery.

Alexandre Masino
À l’orée des monts V, 2012
Encaustic monotype on Gampi paper
23” x 34.5”

Alexandre uses a double boiler type method for keeping his paints hot (not shown).

Technique and materials

The secret is the the right amount of paint!

Beginning an encaustic monotype

The print is registered to the side of the hotbox with clips
Here he’s working on a small landscape with fan brushes, for better control of the amount of wax and how it adds to your texture.

The importance of painting upright, as one would view your work.

We were treated to a gallery talk while his show was being installed (ignore the ladder, please)

In the gallery, talking about his work before the show opened.
Talking about scale, and surface texture

A few of my favorite pieces from the show:
Transfigurations (Ehon), 2012,Encaustic and charcoal on book on panel,8” x 23”

Alexandre Masino
Transfigurations (Ehon), 2012
Encaustic and charcoal on book on panel
8” x 23”

Alexandre Masino
La porte des nuages I, 2012
Encaustic monotype on Kozuke paper
23” x 34.5”

For more, visit Alexandre’s website,  www.alexandremasino.ca, and blog, www.alexandremasino.blogspot.com.  For information about R and F Workshops, visit http://www.rfpaints.com