18 artist members of New England Wax explored their whimsy in this exhibit at the Essex Art Center in Lawrence, Mass.

Though the area was coping with the snow from a late winter storm, the opening reception, on Friday, March 2, was lively and convivial.  Leslie Costello, the Essex Art Center Director, and Charyl Weissbach, NE Wax’s coordinator for this event, assembled a varied and delightful array of whimsical works.. All incorporated wax as a material, from drawings on wax on paper to 3D creations of inventive characters.

The exhibit will run through April 13, 2012.The gallery hours are Monday through Friday from 10am – 6pm.

Exhibitors include:

Here are my two contributions:

“Traveling”, 12″x 12″, encuastic and mixed media, 2011

“Zips”, 12″ x 12″, Encaustic and mixed media, 2011