The days are shortening, and cool now in the morning here in New Hampshire, but still stunningly beautiful. September always brings an excitement, a sense of things stirring, an anticipation. I imagine it’s a habit from school terms restarting in September. New projects seem to begin, or begin again, in September.

The lethargy of heat waves, swimming in humidity, are gone this week. The breeze is cool and refreshing. This afternoon’s skies were the bluest and clearest that I can remember, in a year of excess rains, excess temperatures, and excess stress. What a lovely respite.

My ongoing online teaching workshops started a new 12-week rotation of topics last week. In a week or two, I’ll go back to teaching in person at the New Art Center in Newton, Mass. and I’ll be back in the online Yellow Chair Salon with my newest friends and colleagues looking at work-in-progress and the thinking-looking-thinking-looking that makes way for advancement in a painting practice.

The studio is clean and ready for “new”. Old and unfinished work is tucked away for later revisiting. I took down from the studio wall a large work on paper that has finally dried enough to move. The wall will be free and clear and ready for a new stretch of unmarked paper, waiting for the new adventure of exploring my world and my mind through painting and drawing.