Last evening Twiggs Gallery hosted a reception for Balancing Acts, a small show of encaustic work that I was delighted to curate. Summer in the country, evening breezes beginning to cool what was a beautiful, blue-sky day. Artist-owner Adele Sanborn’s creation, gallery and gift shop and workshop and studio, built on to the relocated old Boscawen town office building, is an awesome example of what can be done to foster artists’ community¬†in New Hampshire. Artist and gallery manager Laura Morrison showed our work to perfection in her thoughtful installation¬†of the work. The gallery glowed with late day sunlight.

Twiggs Gallery in Boscawen, NH
My New England Wax firends meet my New Hampshire friends
Pamala Crabb's "That Right" and "This Left"
Farrar's What We Carry Series (photo: H. Farrar)
Borofsky's Tree House and Castle in the Woods
Soosen Dunholter with her work
Borofsky, Dean, Curry, and guest
Laura Morrison and Soosen Dunholter
Jeanne Borofsky with "Sand Castle"
Farrar's What We Carry Series
Angel Dean's "Chianty Shanty" work and "Parcheesi Playhouse"
My work: "Josephine's Work Now II", "Josephine's Work Now III", and "Josephine and Blue Star", encaustic, crocheted doily, pigment stick, 12 x 12 inches