Each year, for several years now, there is an event at the 7th International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown called the Hotel Fair. The idea behind the Fair is that the artists who attend the three-day conference can share their own art by exhibiting from their hotel room.  These exhibits are impromptu, informal, often cleverly designed, and immediate. The artists show recent work, trade business cards, share techniques, and arrange for sales.  For the first session, one-half of the group gets to host and the other half visits. In the second session, the visitors become the hosts. It’s a delightful way to meet other artists and see what everyone else is doing in their studio.

Here are pictures from the 2013 Hotel Fair. I couldn’t get to every room (and didn’t get every artist’s name), so can’t show you every artist’s display, but I’ll share what I did get to photograph:

My corner  
Marilyn Banner
Marilyn Banner  
Pamela Wallace
Tracy Spadafora  
Lelia Weinstein  
Deborah Landry (right)  
Lynnette Haggard
Anne Mavor
Anne Mavor
Marie-Claude Allen
Marie-Claude Allen
Marie-Claude Allen
Amy Hannum
Lisa Zukowski
Patricia Spainhour


Susan Delgavis
Sarah Brayman
Judy Edwards
Lisa Pressman
Cherie Mittenthal
Lisa Pressman
Lisa Pressman
Cherie Mittenthal
Cherie Mittenthal
Maura Joy Lustig
Amelia Kraemer
Karen Freedman


Heidi Sussman
Francesca Azzara
Sherry Posternak
Dawna Bemis
Susan Lasch Krevitt
Judy Klich
Cheryl McClure
Jane Guthridge
Nancy Natale
Binnie Birstein
Deborah Kapoor
Wayne Montecalvo
Howard Hersh
Sandi Miot
Joan Stuart Ross
Sarah Rehmer
Graceann Warn
Mitchell Visoky
Susanne Arnold
Linda Ray
David Clark
Tracey Linden Adams
Kathleen Cosgrove
Annette Lieblein
Deborah Winiarski
Ahavani Mullen
Michele Thrane
Catherine Weber
Kay Hartung
Christine Aaron
Linda Cordner
Lorraine Glessner
Donna Hamil Talman
Dorothy Cochran