I’m so pleased to announce an exhibition project I’m developing for June 2013.

Ten nationally recognized artists who paint with encaustic (pigmented wax) will have new work in Natura Viva – Flora, Fauna, and Us, a botanically themed exhibition at Artcurrent Gallery  in Provincetown, Mass.
The exhibition, associated with the Seventh International Encaustic Conference, will run from May 30 through June 16, 2013, with an opening reception on Friday, May 31, 2013, from 5 – 8 p.m.
Joanne Mattera, founder of the International Encaustic Conference, says: “This exhibition is part of the Conference Curatorial Program, in which selected artists conceive and produce an exhibition based on their interests. Claffey’s “Natura Viva” represents an opportunity for an artist to stretch conceptually beyond studio practice. Claffey is also a landscape gardener.”
Artcurrent Gallery directors, Tina M. Trudel, PhD, and Dorothy Palanza, host exhibits featuring diverse visual, literary and performance artists in both Provincetown and New York City.
Founder/Director Joanne Mattera produces the International Encaustic Conference annually in Provincetown with Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill and its Executive Director, Cherie Mittenthal. In its seventh year, The Conference is a professional event that brings together contemporary artists with lectures, demonstrations and exhibitions in Provincetown and the surrounding area of Cape Cod.

The theme: “Leaf patterning and veining, tree formation, hives and shells all have a mathematical description to their form. It can be enormously intriguing to mimic, recreate, and in a sense, relive the form through line and color in a fractal way, using the organic growth of a wavering line and meandering color.” 

The ten artists included in “Natura Viva” are: