ONLINE 1-to-1 – Printing without a Press: Tabletop Monotypes


Zoom 1-to-1 Tabletop Monotype Printing Workshop – Oil Paint and R&F Blending Medium



A Zoom 1-to-1 Monotype Workshop – Williamsburg Oil Paint and R&F Blending Medium

A 3-hour introductory workshop exploring the use of multiple large surfaces for making hand-pulled monotypes on paper with Williamsburg oil paint and R&F Blending Medium. Using stencils, color shapers, brayers, and other tools, we’ll produce vibrant and layered prints without a press.

There will be a short talk about materials, a demonstration of basic techniques, time for working on your own, and then a work share for questions and discussion. You will also have access to a private FaceBook group for discussion and sharing after the workshop.

Materials Needed:

  • Plexiglas, OR gelatin plate, OR old acrylic or oil paintings on panels, OR tabletops, OR any large surface you don’t mind painting on
  • R & F Blending Medium in Stick or Jar
  • Your favorite oil paints, 1-3 colors I’ll be using Williamsburg Handmade Oils
  • Paper:
    • Rice paper (calligraphy practice paper works well. Amazon has large width sheets)
    • Asian thin printmaking papers
  • Brayers
  • Silicone tools for making lines and shapes
  • Hand-made or store-bought stencils, and stamps
  • Any materials for patterning or light texture
  • Mineral spirits, paper towels, gloves, etc.


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