ONLINE 1-to-1 – Next Level Encaustic Painting


A one-day workshop introducing advanced encaustic painting materials, safety, and techniques.



A Zoom 1-to-1 Workshop – Encaustic Painting, Continued

A 3-hour workshop exploring mixed media techniques in encaustic painting. We will go beyond the basics and explore shellac burns, pours, and other processes that might be useful to your work. Topics can also include archival issues, alternative grounds and supports, safe packing, shipping, and storage. This workshop can be customized for you.

Materials Needed for making oil paint monotypes to embed:

  • Plexiglas, OR gelatin plate, OR old acrylic or oil paintings on panels, OR tabletops, OR any large surface you don’t mind painting on
  • R & F Blending Medium in Stick or Jar
  • Your favorite oil paints, 1-3 colors I’ll be using Williamsburg Handmade Oils
  • Paper:
    • Rice paper (calligraphy practice paper works well. Amazon has large width sheets)
    • Asian thin printmaking papers
  • Brayers
  • Silicone tools for making lines and shapes
  • Hand-made or store-bought stencils, and stamps
  • Any materials for patterning or light texture
  • Mineral spirits, paper towels, gloves, etc.