Introducing Encaustic Painting

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A one-day workshop introducing basic encaustic painting materials, safety, and techniques



A one-day workshop introducing encaustic paints and techniques. We will cover all the basics so that you will understand how and, more importantly why, you might incorporate encaustic paints into your artistic practice. So get basic training here, including using the materials safely and efficiently. Basic materials are provided. Bring items you want to embed, or transfer (transfer images must be laser-printed or toner-copied, no inkjet).

Class runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in my New Boston Studio. Class is small, up to four students, and casual. Some beverages are provided, bring your lunch for a woodland picnic.

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3 reviews for Introducing Encaustic Painting

  1. Sue Millman, New Hampshire

    “What a wonderful way to experience a new medium. Debra supplies all the materials, tools and her guiding expertise to create successful art pieces.”

  2. Annette Cohen, New Hampshire

    This informative workshop was all inclusive and enabled me to experience the full range of encaustic painting under the expert guidance of an accomplished encaustic artist, Deb Claffey. It was a great experience. I highly recommend it.

  3. Marcia Wood Mertinooke, New Hampshire (verified owner)

    A perfect introduction to using encaustic! Deb covers the history, safety, and techniques needed to be informed and create with this medium. With materials included, there is plenty of time to experiment and have any questions answered. This introduction class is truly encompassing and enriching.

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