Critique and Guidance for Visual Artists


A one-day workshop focusing on content, critical assessment and setting visual goals.



A one-day workshop exploring the ways technique connects to meaning and content. Get critical feedback on current work. We’ll help you identify your themes and content and find the words to share your vision. Come away with a clear idea of what you are saying in your work and how to best write about it.

Topics include:

  • Why your particular medium for your content and is there a better one?
  • Is representation or abstraction best for your vision?
  • What makes your work unique and identifiable as yours?
  • How to move toward expressing your personal vision
  • Learning how to work in series to explore a theme or idea.

Class runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in my New Boston Studio. Class is limited to 2, and casual. Bring your lunch for a woodland picnic.

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